A slice of Life, buttered up nice.

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread on a cloudy morning and the coziness of the warm kitchen with tea brewing on the side.

I have waited a year to get my hands dirty baking bread, making it seem difficult in my tiny brain with the complications around kneading and the impatience of having to wait for the dough to rise that many times. I wanted quick bread yet tasty bread and in the parallel universe that runs in my brain, I was sure there was a way to make that happen, just a matter of efficient googling on my part. Then last Sunday I just decided to put all those hours spent googling to actually try and bake a bread.

It’s just how life is and that day as the smell reached every part of my soul and as my hands with a dull ache from all the kneading felt used in a good way, there was a kind of dawning…an Aha moment! In a sense, it was me realizing that some things turn out better when you let them just sit and the ingredients mix in by themselves and give way to a wonderful creation. There is no short-cut to it and even if I create one, the end result may not be what I had dreamed of.

The clouds had cleared and I was ready to butter up a delicious warm slice to bask in my new found consciousness.

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