It’s July.

July came in a little hurriedly,
like someone missed a tiny step,
and pushed open the door,
without ringing the damn bell first.

I was wiping the dust clean,
a little something gathered in the corner,
and much out of habit,
had put some tea to brew on the burner.

I would have liked a couple more hours,
maybe finish re-potting some of the flowers,
but since you are already in, I get the tea out,
and here we are, ready for a fresh bout.

But, July came in a little hurriedly,
like someone missed a tiny step,
and pushed open the door,
without ringing the damn bell first.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

All these seasons inside of me.

One leaf at a time,
and just like that,
i have turned the page,
and let an entire season age.

Knowing the pattern,
i tuck fall in a corner,
pull a blanket over,
let it rest for a year.
Welcome June with a hug,
make space for it to stay,
reading one line a day,
enjoying what the new has to say.

One leaf at a time,
and just like that,
i have turned the page,
and let an entire season age.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

Un-rushed moments.

Life’s beautiful paradox,
for when I start to slow down,
and breathe with intention,
an un-rushed pace,
inhale to a count of seven,
exhale to a count of eleven,
is when my body experiences,
the intense rush of calm,
and the mere awareness of being,
takes my heart on a giddy spin.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

Early Worm.

Did the birds reach in time,
leaving no worm left to find,
or did the worms get smarter,
hiding away to come up much later.

We will never know for sure,
but as I jogged my usual circuit,
I saw all these early birds,
and not a single worm in sight.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

Elseworld 🌱

As all the worlds collide,

I offer you some quiet,

no promises, no words,

just silence that comforts.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 4

So, (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) was celebrating poetry writing last month. I have always enjoyed writing but this was different. I wrote poetry for 30 days. And then I put it up on social media.

I have lots to say, apparently –

  • The first 7 days were the easiest, funnest and most exciting.
  • It’s hard though, extremely hard to put your imagination out there for the world to see.
  • By day 10, I did not like how some of my poems could be perceived differently by others. (I’ll come back to this on day 15).
  • There were some poems where my feelings would show through even if I went through 25 edits and many filters. By edit 26, I would take away the filters and let my feelings show. At it’s rawest. Only way I liked what I wrote.
  • By day 15, I took my poetry very seriously. Surprisingly, at this point I stopped caring that it could be perceived differently by others.
  • I also figured some of my poems are best reserved for the heart, words would never be worthy of these.
  • By day 21, I realised there is something even harder than putting your imagination out there. It is having to show up consistently just like you would a dayjob, even on days you were terrified and worried sick about your loved ones given the pandemic shitshow in India.
  • I tried different styles of writing, read different styles of poems. IMHO drama very rarely makes for a good poem or good writing.
  • Yes. I valued honest feedback, as long as you had been up on the stage trying yourself too. The rule of thumb I follow/ed is if you are not out there getting your hands dirty but are constantly doling out criticism sitting in the audience, I will likely toss it out the window. True for writing, true for life. (Thank you Brene Brown, for the wonderful advice).
  • Damn, I really enjoyed social media.
  • By day 30, I was a proud girl. By day 30, I was also a very relieved girl that April did not have 31 days.
  • Life immediately after writing poetry for a month consists of rhymes popping up in daily conversations. It’s kinda cute 🙂

Week 4 Prompts –

Day 22 Prompt – Instruction

The first time on a flight,
I listened to their safety guide,
remember feeling uncomfortable,
when they advised,
before you help your neighbour,
put on your oxygen mask first.

It made sense of course,
but the directness pinched,
years of conditioning,
put others before self,
and here they were telling us,
take care of yourself first.

Now I find myself saying it often,
softer at first, then louder than ever,
remember what the wise ones say,
you can’t pour from an empty cup,
do what you have to,
take care of yourself first.

A handy instruction,
goes a long way in life,
when panic hits hard,
refrain from acting in haste,
breathe in breathe out,
and put on your oxygen mask first. 

Day 23 Prompt – Moon

Every once in a while,
she comes out of her room,
shaped like a shy smile,
whispering her way through,
glowing softly in the night sky,
the beautiful crescent moon.

Day 24 Prompt – Jasmine

They call it the Jasmine,
a modern classic drink,
mostly tart with a hint of sweet,
and then a nice strong bitter finish.

Looks nothing like its namesake flower,
a deep sunset instead of the white in color,
but just like the jasmine’s intoxicating scent,
the drink’s a buzzy mix, loaded and potent.

Day 25 Prompt – Broken

When you look at yourself today,
consider ever little tale,
of how you made it through,
despite a broken yesterday.

500 steps more than expected,
a cake baked well,
the blogpost you completed,
despite the world feeling like hell.

Finishing that long pending read,
learning the first stroke of swim,
sharing a laugh with the neighbour’s kid,
despite the light within feeling low and dim.

Fixing your dying plant,
getting playful with the downstairs cat,
just getting up from the bed,
despite the fear running strong inside your head.

So when you look at yourself today,
consider every little tale,
of how you made it through,
despite yet another broken day.

Day 26 Prompt – Migration

Ask a tree,
how it survives,
staying in the same place,
when migration is not an option,
one season to the next.

Some lose their flowers,
some change colors,
some shed their leaves,
baring open their soul,
making obvious their grief.

How quickly it accepts,
the flowers served their cause,
as did all the leaves,
what kept it standing put,
was the firm depth of it’s roots.

Finds itself green again,
older through the transition,
not the same color though,
changed with the season’s play,
a shade deeper than yesterday.

The tree winks back at me,
looking through its journey,
of how it survived in the same place,
when migration was not an option,
one season to the next.

Day 27 Prompt – Reunion

The school group reunion,
20 years later,
they put on their best,
greet each other,
and settle into place.

Silence for an hour,
as they measure one another,
struggling against memory,
to find the friends they knew before.

Two hours pass,
till someone picks up the mic,
croons an old favorite,
and loud laughter erupts.

More people gather,
start singing without a bother,
breaking through the years,
of not knowing one another.

They would remember that night with fondness,
of how they rocked back their way in time,
not about who their friends were now,
or what they did in life.

The school group reunion,
20 years later,
they put on their best,
greeted each other,
and sang away the night together.

Day 28 Prompt – Monsoon

The season after summer,
bearing the brunt of it’s temper,
soaking in the heat,
letting it sit a bit,
then cooling it down,
and pouring it all out.

Sometimes a light drizzle,
or a pleasant downpour,
when it can control the heat,
with not too much effort,
giving us all ample relief.

Sometimes a raging storm,
howling and thundering,
using all of it’s force to ease the heat,
getting burnt in the process,
shedding hot tears of release.

The season after summer,
bearing the brunt of it’s temper,
soaking in the heat,
letting it sit a bit,
then cooling it down,
and pouring it all out.

Day 29 Prompt – Hope

We know what it’s like,
to block away feeling,
let hope succumb,
take comfort in being numb.

But feel you must,
even if it’s darkness,
that’s taking over your whole,
heart and soul.

We know what it’s like,
to fight against the scare,
and be brave enough,
to take that first step.

Because deep down within,
you know the drill,
that light expands,
if you will let it in,
pushing out the night,
one day at a time.

We know what it’s like,
to finally find,
a tiny glimmer of light,
and clasp it tight with all our might.

Then feel it ease,
into your soul,
clearing the fog,
as it flows along.

We know what it’s like,
that gush of surprise,
to find hope radiate,
of how tomorrow will be kinder than what it is today 🤍

Day 30 Prompt – Daydream

Here I am, looking at you,
in broad daylight,
through the everyday chaos,
and all these people in sight.

Some of them would like to wait,
but look straight ahead,
avoiding my gaze,
too direct for their taste.

Some of them look back,
and raise their brow,
shake their heads,
muttering a few words in tow.

But you, I see you firmly halt,
catch my eye from afar,
like recognizing like,
daydreamers that we are.

Some of them are in a hurry,
and glance up for a second,
wishing they had walked through,
for now they want to dream along too.

Some of them stop abrupt,
to pinch themselves, a little scream,
realising that they are stuck,
in someone else’s daydream.

And here I am, still looking at you,
in broad daylight,
through the everyday chaos,
and all these people in sight.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 3

So, (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) is celebrating poetry writing this month.

We are three weeks down, 10 days to go 😊

Week 3 Prompts –

Day 15 Prompt – Need

There it goes again,

dancing in the rain,

ignorant of any pretense,

this need of mine,

messy and untamed.

I let it run wild,

gleefully naïve,

till the rains mix with tears,

uncontrollable and fierce.

When it comes home,

I give it a towel to dry,

both the rainwater and cry,

then I sit with my need,

not saying a word,

for it knows no logic,

and just needs a tight hug.

We sleep over the grief,

long and deep,

and I wake up to find,

a steadiness to my need.

We learn to live together,

without hurting each other.

now that we know us better,

there is no fighting the feeling,

rather we find joy in the very being,

and like long stable relationships,

settle into a beautiful rhythm.

So, there it goes again,

dancing in the rain,

still ignorant of any pretense,

this tamed need of mine now,

calm and contained. 

Day 16 Prompt – Favorite

I am surprised you even have to ask,
you will know her favorite,
every single time,
look a little closely,
and you will figure out,
it’s in the way she becomes quiet,
but her eyes get loud.

Day 17 Prompt – Love

Because love should need no words,
no definitions,
no spaces.
At it’s very basic,
it feels something like this ♥️

Day 18 Prompt – Burden

All these feelings,
he’s put aside,
screwed the cork tight,
so they don’t escape unknowingly,
and his world can sleep right.

Little does he know,
they’ve conspired together,
and sit building pressure,
till he won’t be able to,
hold them in any longer.

I wish I could tell him,
some of these were not his to begin with,
to uncork them free,
this burden he lugs around,
is not his to carry.

Day 19 Prompt – Meanwhile

Loud clinking of glasses,
fancy food platters,
lots of fake smiles,
overlapping chatter.

Meanwhile, no one notices,
as she grabs a wine bottle,
winks at her friend,
and they quietly slip out together.

Clutching firm their sarees,
they run out the side gate,
make a dash for their spot near the sea,
laughing all the way to their own party.

Day 20 Prompt – Bucket List

She looks at her bucket list,
makes a paper plane of it,
and lets it fly far,
the only tick that matters,
is the one she whispers close,
chai with her parents by end of the year.

Day 21 Prompt – Lost

That kind of hazy morning,
where I plug my airpods in,
amp up the volume high,
go through my music pile.

Make my choice,
a Coke Studio song,
seldom disappoints,
to drown out the noise,
both inside and around.

So while I continue jogging the usual way
I find my heart veer off and stray,
not to find some place to belong,
but to get lost in the glorious unknown.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 2

So, (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) is celebrating poetry writing this month.

Did not think I would get halfway through this, feels steady…feels good 😊

Week 2 Prompts –

Day 8 Prompt – Stop

You mean a lot, she says
I say no and shake my head.
You really do, she says
and clutches my hand.
I tell her to please stop,
and gently let go.
The thing with words,
is that they wear off their lie,
when what one does,
matches not with what they imply.

Day 9 Prompt – Elegy

Window seat by the train,
beach holiday on her mind,
she gave the uncle opposite,
her brightest smile,
and got a swat from her mom,
what did I tell you she said,
don’t smile at strangers,
not ever again.

She shrugged,
dug into her pouch,
pulled out the bag of candies,
and with the sweetest grin,
offered one to the little boy looking at her,
from across the other berth,
and got a swat from her mom,
what did I tell you she said,
don’t offer candy to strange kids,
not ever again.

Close to tears now,
she folded her legs,
stared out of the window,
and got a swat from her mom,
what did I tell you she said,
don’t cross your legs when wearing a frock,
not ever again.

Not the mom’s fault,
neither the four year old’s mistake,
it was the world that had changed,
ruthlessly killed innocence,
things would never be the same again.

Day 10 Prompt – Vast

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
but the vastness of space between us now,
makes me wonder.

Did the last entire year defy math and time,
in that Six feet apart of social distance,
when multiplied by One year,
created more of a gap,
than just Six feet apart.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
but the vastness of space between us now,
makes me wonder.

Day 11 Prompt – Protest

Every now and then,
the voices in her head take over,
dulling her shine,
dimming her shimmer.

She puts up her hair,
feels the coffee warm her soul,
the extra caffeine hand the first kick in,
then she heads out,
to let the sunlight lend it’s glow.

The little things help,
to start the protest,
against the voices in her head,
that says I will fight back,
and give them a jolt.

Later in the day,
she picks up a manual chore,
cheers the finishing of it no matter how small,
texts her friends hello,
video-calls home,
bugs her hubby on the phone,
feels their love all the way to her bones.

The little things help,
to hold the protest,
against the voices in her head,
shoving them away further,
weakening their hold.

Then at night,
she dresses in red,
wears her wine berry lipshade,
let’s the fire take over her soul,
smiles at what she sees in the mirror,
and feels back her shimmer.

The little things help,
to win the protest,
against the voices in her head,
shutting firm the door,
and letting them know,
they are not welcome home.

Day 12 Prompt – Rainbow

The reiki music streams through my phone,
as I feel the energy pouring through,
setting the chakras in motion,
the rush of light on my crown.

Violet for higher consciousness,
Indigo for clear intuition,
Blue to strengthen my voice,
Green for unlocking love and joy.
Opening my heart,
I stay there a little longer,
as the light spreads through,
stronger and steadier.

Deepening the flow now,
Yellow to hold the life force,
Orange to intensify the senses,
Red for securing my base,
holding me down,
rooted firmly to the ground.

The chakras spin together,
centering my soul,
in a balanced palette of color,
a steady rainbow after the downpour.

Day 13 Prompt – Warm

Never one to talk,
least of all offer a smile,
the grouchy man starts counting my items,
rushing through the pile.

Looks up for a split second,
sees my face,
holds the stare a minute longer,
nods his head and gets back to the scanner.

I pay him the bill,
and rush home to make dinner,
empty the grocery bag,
and see my favorite can of beer.

He saw what no one else did that day,
a pale face and tired eyes,
threw in a free can,
his way of bringing some cheer.

I put the soup to simmer,
take a long slow sip of the beer,
touched by the warm gesture,
from the grouchy man at the cash counter.

Day 14 Prompt – Stillness

Every single day the same story unfolds,
them claiming it’s work in progress,
when really the protest for basic equality,
is just met with a loud stillness.

In that they do listen and watch,
then go around town shouting lots,
across all other matters,
except the one that matters most.
Then claim they are here to care,
to look at the progress made on some others,
but the main point we raised of concern,
the one on basic equality for everyone,
stillness is maintained on that front.

Every single day the same story unfolds,
them claiming it’s work in progress,
when really the protest for basic equality,
is yet again met with a loud stillness.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 1

So, (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) is celebrating poetry writing this month.

Given my lackadaisical approach to writing and being aware that I have not dabbled in poetry writing earlier, I still decided to give it a try if only to build some discipline into writing regularly no matter the format and length of the piece.

So far I have put up 7 poems on my Instagram handle @words.and.other.comforts. As thrilling as it is to put up my own piece every single day, I have to say the pressure is building up and I am not sure how many more days I will last. Sharing a piece of oneself is never easy, I am so grateful for the daily encouragement from friends and family.

In my husband’s words – “My wife may be a poet and she does not even know it. “ 😊

Week 1 Prompts –

Day 1 Prompt – Tenderness

Blurring the harshness around,
taming the wildness within,
softening the sharp edges,
the filters do their work –
Tenderness takes center stage.

Day 2 Prompt – Excess

Too loud,
Too soft,
Too many words,
Too free,
Too sensitive,
Too open,
Too many feelings,
Too much heart.
Some times soul in excess
can also be misunderstood.

Day 3 Prompt – Ask

There she goes,
making a home out of every thing.
The rain, the sea, the sunrise
wine corks, odd trees and morning chai.

When he asks her why not people…
She laughs and says, because people leave
but I store their vibe in everyday things.
Rain reminds me of the ones who bring me joy,
the sea of the ones who comfort my sighs,
sunrise reminds me of those who fill my life with hope,
wine corks of loud laughter together and tipsy jokes,
odd trees remind me of the ones who offered different shades of shade,
and my morning chai, of the ones who are a constant and stayed.

He smiles and thinks, I should have known,
there she goes,
making every thing her home.

Day 4 Prompt – Vaccine

She braced herself for it again,
a serious case of the nerves,
flutterings in her heart as she sat beside him.
He smiled at her, full of warmth,
mumbled comfort to soothe her fears,
lightly caressed her hand and put her at ease,
and in that moment when she closed her eyes,
took deep breaths and even smiled in between,
he gave her the much dreaded jab of the vaccine.

Day 5 Prompt – Earth

There was nothing else that she was doing,
except being herself,
tilting a little,
smiling a lot,
and taking her usual rounds.

As baby earth,
always playing,
innocent in loving,
all accepting.

As lady earth,
pushing and pulling,
always hustling,
abundantly providing.

As mama earth,
joints aching,
yet always giving,
forever forgiving.

There was nothing else that she was doing,
except being herself,
tilting a little,
smiling a lot,
and taking her usual rounds.

Day 6 Prompt – Habit

She feels the greyness first,
as the clouds roll over,
her heart takes one extra beat.
The low rumble comes next,
a deep buzz filling her soul.

He is familiar with this habit of hers,
as she sprints to the balcony,
thrilled at the anticipation of it.
He sees her unlock the phone,
start her rainy day playlist,
portrait mode on.

She turns her head right on time,
stretches out her palm,
knowing he’s right behind,
a steaming cup of chai for her in hand ♥️

Day 7 Prompt – Words

Read between the lines, they say
I try, I try so hard,
to decipher what they are not telling me.
But the words you see,
have a mind of their own,
And when I am staring too long,
to see the in-between,
they start to grow in size,
leaving no gaps for me to see.

Book’ish – Recent Reads.


Let’s be clear, No Rules Rules is 100% about the company’s people and culture, not about it’s business and content. Although, one can see how the culture is such a big part of it’s business strategy and at the heart of how they get things right. The book offers some great insights (with clear examples) into how Netflix manages an unorthodox innovative culture, despite it’s size and global spread. As writing styles go, full marks to how the straightforwardness, simplicity and candor with which it is written reflects the culture we’ve often heard about.

Surprisingly chill read.


1. Lists
2. Random lists
3. Ridiculously random lists
4. Brilliant ridiculously random lists
5. Precious brilliant ridiculously random lists 

Definite pick-me-up on a blah day. The book combines my love for lists, puns and the weird; it doesn’t get better than this. Quirky, fun and intelligent.

I hope there is a coffee-table collectible version of it in the works. Will re-read multiple times.


Brazen hope and survival 🤍

Two strong female protagonists, both different yet similar as being survivors in their own journeys. Set in a fictional land, their lives collide unexpectedly and they grow together to face societal and political challenges. Slightly verbose at times but otherwise a captivating storyline, definite single sitting read.

Borrowed from the poem Udaipur (early morning), the title of the book is for when paradoxical events come together –

It’s been weeks
That I’ve been trying to figure you out…
But you’ve kept me on the surface
Sometimes ivory,
Sometimes sand.


As a media person, having started my career in India, this book was a treat. It offers a great glimpse into the Star India journey and transformation, answers some of the why’s to the decisions taken and gives an insight into the thinking that went behind it. I would have liked to know a lot more.

There are some gems inside that he has penned from his experience, the one that stayed with me is when he says “Presenting a counter-response is essential to test the waters and flush out the real intent”, when dealing with a crucial decision in his life.

Pacy, easy to read and well worth the wait.

Cringe and chill.

Someone on Twitter wanted a piece on cringe-binge shows. And while I am no expert here, I do love a horribly cringey fun show every now and then. It did however bring up questions as to what side of me (us) does it appeal to, what need of mine (ours) does it tick?

Was it the eye candy in Emily in Paris? Not all of it, I practically felt like slapping some sense into a few of the extremely good-looking guys in there, but Chef Gabriel had my heart. The broody, intense finding-his-way-in-life guy. After the many Imtiaz Ali movies who wouldn’t like a confused but good-looking dude, enough to carry an entire show on his shoulder. I say, bring on some more cringe now.

Was it the blatant honesty bordering on rudeness in The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives. Hell No. My entry to the show was Neelam, I stayed on for Seema. One character who is a favorite from a long time ago; and one character who practically grows up on the show through the chaos and finds her own voice. They made me want to tolerate Bhavna and Maheep. Plus the stunning (when not garish) wardrobe and jewellery was a pleasure to watch. No, not on Karan Johar.

Was it the superficial and extra-fake Seema aunty in Indian matchmaking? I am not even going to answer that. It was Nadia’s story that made me stick through the first episode and move on to the next. But more, it was the sheer audacity some of the candidates had in terms of their expectations and how it only got worse through the journey. And knowing that there are real people like that out there (been there, done that, in terms of meeting people in an arranged marriage set-up) plus the fact that they still do find a match and get their happy ever after. Yes, it played to my sappy heart in some way.

The two big hooks to all of them though:

⁃ Would I have watched any of these if not for the word-of-mouth hype from friends? Big no, because there’s something to be said for familiar and credible cringe.

⁃ Would I have watched any of these if not on Netflix? Big no, because even cringe has some class and needless to say, Netflix brings an A-grade to cringe.

As sub-genres on the platform go, cringe and chill seems to be working so far 🙂

Notes to 2020.

Death to 2020 @ Netflix was sheer sarcastic brilliance. Much like a lot of what I saw on social media this year was.  I laughed more than I should have, at both on-screen and off-screen drama and yes, am grateful that I had the comfort of a couch and some popcorn to up the entertainment quotient while some real shit was happening outside. Needless to say, none of it takes away from the seriousness of the curveball life threw at us this year and many others who weren’t as fortunate.

This was the year I saw activists emerge in full glory on social media. I still for one, can’t understand the logical reasoning behind all that aggressiveness. How is liking 20 tweets or posting 20 things of the same kind starting from a gentle nudge to hardcore accusations going to get people to even remotely listen to your perspective? Besides, what even is the point of just loud armchair activism? What am I missing here?

This was the year I saw trolls emerge with zero pretence whatsoever on social media. Being deliberately nasty at a time when people are just doing their best to get by on a day-to-day basis, you have got to be really twisted in your heart. I have no words for you.

However, this was also the year I saw kindness and quiet strength emerge in the way people coped with the shit-show around. Resilience won the day time and again.

Final words on 2020, because sometimes even we give in to the hype around writing notes to the year that was. No, 2020 was not a year of reset for me. It was the year I rested.

Halfway into the year I lost my job and while it was very disappointing initially, it gave way to a long due break. The first three months were spent in the sweetness of not knowing what I wanted to do next – from one hour to the next, one day to the next, one week to the next. I cooked, I baked, I went for long walks, I clicked photos of anything that caught my eye, I read books, I read blogs, I experimented with making cocktails, I learnt about wine, I shifted preferences to white wine, I read about my industry, I read about interesting people not from my industry, I watched loads of shows and movies, I wrote bits and pieces whenever I felt like. No agenda, no purpose but just pure zen and therapy. After close to 13 years of working our asses off, upskilling and networking could wait for a while.  I was even lucky enough to land a project for the next 3 months, one that pushed my boundaries of thinking, while still giving me the space to continue my other interests.

It was most definitely a year of feeling and expressing deep deep gratitude for all I have, especially family and close ones, and good health. Touch wood.

So, to wrap what has been an unusually fulfilling year personally, my top three’s:

  • Cooking and Baking – Momos (steamed, pan fried, soups), Patra (stuffed colocasia leaves), Focaccia (normal tomato, cherry tomato, heirloom tomato)
  • Books – Remnants of a Separation, Park Bench, Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed
  • Gen entertainment Shows – Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix), The Morning Show (Apple TV), Street Food Latin America (Netflix)
  • Movies – Little Women (Netflix), If Beale Street Could Talk (Netflix), Unpaused (Amazon Prime India)
  • Cringe Binge shows – Indian matchmaking (Netflix), The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives (Netflix), Emily in Paris (Netflix)
  • Blogs – A Cup of Jo, LaTonya Yvette, Apartment Therapy
  • Wines – L’etincelle Pays d’Herault (Chenin Blanc, France), Villa Loren (Amarone, Italy), Maria Camilla (primarily Sauvignon Blanc, Italy)
  • Homemade Cocktails – Negroni, Paloma, Sangria
  • Instagram handles – @words.and.other.comforts (shameless plug), @saffrontrail, @newyorkercartoons
  • Twitter handles – Sayantan Ghosh@sayantansunnyg, Pomp@APompliano, Wine Folly @WineFolly

On that note, 2020, we were okay. 2021, may the force be with you but for now, continue to wear a mask please 🙂

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