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Let’s be clear, No Rules Rules is 100% about the company’s people and culture, not about it’s business and content. Although, one can see how the culture is such a big part of it’s business strategy and at the heart of how they get things right. The book offers some great insights (with clear examples) into how Netflix manages an unorthodox innovative culture, despite it’s size and global spread. As writing styles go, full marks to how the straightforwardness, simplicity and candor with which it is written reflects the culture we’ve often heard about.

Surprisingly chill read.


1. Lists
2. Random lists
3. Ridiculously random lists
4. Brilliant ridiculously random lists
5. Precious brilliant ridiculously random lists 

Definite pick-me-up on a blah day. The book combines my love for lists, puns and the weird; it doesn’t get better than this. Quirky, fun and intelligent.

I hope there is a coffee-table collectible version of it in the works. Will re-read multiple times.


Brazen hope and survival 🤍

Two strong female protagonists, both different yet similar as being survivors in their own journeys. Set in a fictional land, their lives collide unexpectedly and they grow together to face societal and political challenges. Slightly verbose at times but otherwise a captivating storyline, definite single sitting read.

Borrowed from the poem Udaipur (early morning), the title of the book is for when paradoxical events come together –

It’s been weeks
That I’ve been trying to figure you out…
But you’ve kept me on the surface
Sometimes ivory,
Sometimes sand.


As a media person, having started my career in India, this book was a treat. It offers a great glimpse into the Star India journey and transformation, answers some of the why’s to the decisions taken and gives an insight into the thinking that went behind it. I would have liked to know a lot more.

There are some gems inside that he has penned from his experience, the one that stayed with me is when he says “Presenting a counter-response is essential to test the waters and flush out the real intent”, when dealing with a crucial decision in his life.

Pacy, easy to read and well worth the wait.

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