Early Worm.

Did the birds reach in time,
leaving no worm left to find,
or did the worms get smarter,
hiding away to come up much later.

We will never know for sure,
but as I jogged my usual circuit,
I saw all these early birds,
and not a single worm in sight.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Covid Life – Balcony series.

This tiny strip of land we call balcony.

Home to our plants, our chai dates, deep conversations.

Our connection to the outside. Moving cars on the road providing some semblance of normalcy. Heavy downpours, lightning and cloud drama giving us company on otherwise lonely days.

Our comfort space to go to after petty arguments because living together 24 hrs also takes a toll some days. To shut the balcony door firmly. To go stare outside. The vast expanse of the sea providing comfort to the restless soul.

Our brief escape route from the day-to-day routine with the gorgeous sunrises, stunning sunsets and beautiful dusk settings.


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