Un-rushed moments.

Life’s beautiful paradox,
for when I start to slow down,
and breathe with intention,
an un-rushed pace,
inhale to a count of seven,
exhale to a count of eleven,
is when my body experiences,
the intense rush of calm,
and the mere awareness of being,
takes my heart on a giddy spin.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 3

So, www.the.aliporepost.com (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) is celebrating poetry writing this month.

We are three weeks down, 10 days to go 😊

Week 3 Prompts –

Day 15 Prompt – Need

There it goes again,

dancing in the rain,

ignorant of any pretense,

this need of mine,

messy and untamed.

I let it run wild,

gleefully naïve,

till the rains mix with tears,

uncontrollable and fierce.

When it comes home,

I give it a towel to dry,

both the rainwater and cry,

then I sit with my need,

not saying a word,

for it knows no logic,

and just needs a tight hug.

We sleep over the grief,

long and deep,

and I wake up to find,

a steadiness to my need.

We learn to live together,

without hurting each other.

now that we know us better,

there is no fighting the feeling,

rather we find joy in the very being,

and like long stable relationships,

settle into a beautiful rhythm.

So, there it goes again,

dancing in the rain,

still ignorant of any pretense,

this tamed need of mine now,

calm and contained. 

Day 16 Prompt – Favorite

I am surprised you even have to ask,
you will know her favorite,
every single time,
look a little closely,
and you will figure out,
it’s in the way she becomes quiet,
but her eyes get loud.

Day 17 Prompt – Love

Because love should need no words,
no definitions,
no spaces.
At it’s very basic,
it feels something like this ♥️

Day 18 Prompt – Burden

All these feelings,
he’s put aside,
screwed the cork tight,
so they don’t escape unknowingly,
and his world can sleep right.

Little does he know,
they’ve conspired together,
and sit building pressure,
till he won’t be able to,
hold them in any longer.

I wish I could tell him,
some of these were not his to begin with,
to uncork them free,
this burden he lugs around,
is not his to carry.

Day 19 Prompt – Meanwhile

Loud clinking of glasses,
fancy food platters,
lots of fake smiles,
overlapping chatter.

Meanwhile, no one notices,
as she grabs a wine bottle,
winks at her friend,
and they quietly slip out together.

Clutching firm their sarees,
they run out the side gate,
make a dash for their spot near the sea,
laughing all the way to their own party.

Day 20 Prompt – Bucket List

She looks at her bucket list,
makes a paper plane of it,
and lets it fly far,
the only tick that matters,
is the one she whispers close,
chai with her parents by end of the year.

Day 21 Prompt – Lost

That kind of hazy morning,
where I plug my airpods in,
amp up the volume high,
go through my music pile.

Make my choice,
a Coke Studio song,
seldom disappoints,
to drown out the noise,
both inside and around.

So while I continue jogging the usual way
I find my heart veer off and stray,
not to find some place to belong,
but to get lost in the glorious unknown.

Instagram handle – @words.and.other.comforts

The Heart asks Pleasure First

Raw emotions, pages and pages of it…treated gently, treated wisely. This should feel heavy, with the imagery and the metaphors and the poetry. But it does not.

“A flight of yesterdays.”

Words definitely don’t do justice to the depth of everything i’ve just felt, overwhelming and a bit unnerving.

“To love. All kinds of it.”

Daya (mercy) and Aaftab (sun), their love too much to fit in a divided world.

“Now she wrapped up her dreams.

Now she folded them into a paper plane.

Now she aimed for the wastepaper basket.”

Then there’s Wasim (the brother) and Colin (the friend) and Asha (her mom) and Gyan (her dad).

“A pan of food critics.

A float of dancers.

A clutch of families.

We are all the same. Bones, muscle, souls, blood, shame, hate, joy.


Read, it’s beautiful.

The Covid Life – Emotional Distance.

How do you do the long distance love? Parents, cousins, friends.

Yes, we do the video-calling and the normal calling and the whatsapp messages. But these are not ordinary times to just keep in touch in a passive detached way. Every thing seems to be tangled up in every thing. News, moods, love.

We consistently find the answer in everyday little things. Good mornings, breakfast photos, a call to say hi, lunch photos, a non-sensical joke forward, sharing a song i hummed all day, sunset photos, sending them reiki healing, daily game of ludo, analysis of the game, jibes over how dad’s always focused on killing us all, slightly heavy goodnights because none of us know how tomorrow will fare but we are hopeful.

It is a hell of a lot of work. Sensitivities are at peak and emotions are swinging like never before. Some days you tick all the boxes and arguments still break out but you don’t have the luxury to be upset for a whole day because none of us know how tomorrow will fare but yes, we are still hopeful.

Then we hunt for ways to keep the connection going in a purely mechanical way. Ludo comes in handy again. Play, kill, throw a six, start again. Hesitatingly share another dinner photo and hope you get a reply or even just an emoticon. Gauging cautiously, you make that call just to say goodnight and you sleep yet again with a slightly heavy heart because none of us know how tomorrow will fare but we are hopeful.

I read somewhere, ridiculous times like these call for ridiculous amounts of love. Yes please, love. Even when you feel like you can’t, LOVE. Baby steps 🙂

L.O.V.E. is a four letter word.

How many different kinds of love are there – someone asked me. Just the four-letter one, the simple me said. Infinite, the complicated me said.

The we don’t meet often but there’s an instant connect when we do kinda love.

The I’ll always have your back kinda love.

The you give me butterflies in my tummy kinda love.

The you swallow me whole, heart and soul kinda love.

The no words, only eyes kinda love.

The I need you right now kinda love.

The ping hi to say nothing else kinda love.

The no words, no eyes, only hands kinda love.

The lets sneak in a kiss kinda love.

The I’ll learn all about superheroes for you kinda love.

The 3am call kinda love.

The grow old together kinda love.

The I’ll give you my last saved piece of fries kinda love.

The 3am call, come over now and bring me ice-cream kinda love.

The sweet snuggle in on a rainy day kinda love.

The no one dare hurt you or I’ll taser them kinda love.

The I love you but I am too scared to admit it kinda love.

The I need to text you about every little thing kinda love.

The sit on the couch do nothing but toes, fingers, legs, hands curled with each other kinda love.

The possessive needy you are mine kinda love.

The calm secure I know you are mine kinda love.

The look in the mirror – I got you love, kinda love.

The just a four-letter word kinda L.O.V.E.

Home – the feeling of it.

I read a beautiful piece yesterday on how one is not 100% happy all the time. Rather joy or the utter feeling of it comes in moments and it’s these moments that stay with us a while. Here’s some moments that belong so completely to me, they are absolutely and wholly mine :o)

  • Waking up to the pitter patter of rain on my window…
  • Stealing 10 minutes of us-time with my hubby in the morning sipping Pudina chai , no words spoken…
  • Discovering $10 in the back pocket of my jeans…
  • Hubby surprising me by buying Coca Cola cos I have cooked Pav Bhaji and it is my absolute favorite combination :o)
  • Noticing another couple dunk their croissant in coffee in a fancy Paris café, I smile at my hubby and then we proceed to do the same…
  • Reading a Nora Roberts and thinking I am exactly like the female lead (prettiness and the works)…he he he…
  • Tipsy happy conversations around math and philosophy…after two glasses of wine…and the memories of it the next day :o)
  • Simple words of appreciation from my boss or a co-worker on work well done…
  • Discovering by fluke that the awesomest bagel shop in all of NYC was bang opposite our hotel…
  • The innocent toothless grin from my friend’s 2 yr old, especially while she clutches my hand…this one just topples my heart over :o)
  • Wearing matching Wonder Woman and Supey tees with the hubby to comic con…
  • Front row seats on the upper deck of a double decker bus roaming around the city, especially when it rains…
  • Rains!!!! Anytime of the day!!! Rains!!! I love rains, it washes out every little bit of low and negativity from my soul…
  • Co-incidences, the good ones, like when I am missing someone, and they ping Hi…
  • Hugs!!! I am big on hugs, not the sideway ones, the really big warm bear hugs that squash me with love…I can proudly say I have received some exceptional ones…
  • Seeing snow for the first time!! I will never forget that feeling! Ever!!
  • Exchanging knowing glances with a bestie, Oooooo…the secretive ones :o)
  • Having an aha! Moment where all the jumbled up, messed up thoughts just sort of fall in place, in a jiffy…
  • Super sweet and sugary icing on a cupcake…yum…
  • Pure unfiltered love in any form – a friend filling my wineglass with his own in the split second my hubby looks away, another one mussing up my hair in like a protective big brother way, cutiepie of a girlfriend massaging my head seeing me in severe sinus pain, another one pushing her hubby out of the room to sleep with me cos I used to be scared sleeping alone (ghosts!!!), an out-of-touch college friend pinging to say she misses our sitting-on-the-roof-with-a-faraway-look deep conversations, yet another sort of just-got-back-in-touch friend saying she will buy me organic natural soaps (I love!!!) from her trip to Morocco…this is an endless list…

These just fill my soul with waves of happiness and a sort of glowy contentment, like feeling immense joy, safety and love all at once, kind of like how I feel resting my head in my mum’s lap. That’s what these remind me of – Home, the feeling of it, in random places, with random people.

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