The Alipore Post Poetry Month – Week 1

So, (and it’s corresponding Instagram handle) is celebrating poetry writing this month.

Given my lackadaisical approach to writing and being aware that I have not dabbled in poetry writing earlier, I still decided to give it a try if only to build some discipline into writing regularly no matter the format and length of the piece.

So far I have put up 7 poems on my Instagram handle @words.and.other.comforts. As thrilling as it is to put up my own piece every single day, I have to say the pressure is building up and I am not sure how many more days I will last. Sharing a piece of oneself is never easy, I am so grateful for the daily encouragement from friends and family.

In my husband’s words – “My wife may be a poet and she does not even know it. “ 😊

Week 1 Prompts –

Day 1 Prompt – Tenderness

Blurring the harshness around,
taming the wildness within,
softening the sharp edges,
the filters do their work –
Tenderness takes center stage.

Day 2 Prompt – Excess

Too loud,
Too soft,
Too many words,
Too free,
Too sensitive,
Too open,
Too many feelings,
Too much heart.
Some times soul in excess
can also be misunderstood.

Day 3 Prompt – Ask

There she goes,
making a home out of every thing.
The rain, the sea, the sunrise
wine corks, odd trees and morning chai.

When he asks her why not people…
She laughs and says, because people leave
but I store their vibe in everyday things.
Rain reminds me of the ones who bring me joy,
the sea of the ones who comfort my sighs,
sunrise reminds me of those who fill my life with hope,
wine corks of loud laughter together and tipsy jokes,
odd trees remind me of the ones who offered different shades of shade,
and my morning chai, of the ones who are a constant and stayed.

He smiles and thinks, I should have known,
there she goes,
making every thing her home.

Day 4 Prompt – Vaccine

She braced herself for it again,
a serious case of the nerves,
flutterings in her heart as she sat beside him.
He smiled at her, full of warmth,
mumbled comfort to soothe her fears,
lightly caressed her hand and put her at ease,
and in that moment when she closed her eyes,
took deep breaths and even smiled in between,
he gave her the much dreaded jab of the vaccine.

Day 5 Prompt – Earth

There was nothing else that she was doing,
except being herself,
tilting a little,
smiling a lot,
and taking her usual rounds.

As baby earth,
always playing,
innocent in loving,
all accepting.

As lady earth,
pushing and pulling,
always hustling,
abundantly providing.

As mama earth,
joints aching,
yet always giving,
forever forgiving.

There was nothing else that she was doing,
except being herself,
tilting a little,
smiling a lot,
and taking her usual rounds.

Day 6 Prompt – Habit

She feels the greyness first,
as the clouds roll over,
her heart takes one extra beat.
The low rumble comes next,
a deep buzz filling her soul.

He is familiar with this habit of hers,
as she sprints to the balcony,
thrilled at the anticipation of it.
He sees her unlock the phone,
start her rainy day playlist,
portrait mode on.

She turns her head right on time,
stretches out her palm,
knowing he’s right behind,
a steaming cup of chai for her in hand ♥️

Day 7 Prompt – Words

Read between the lines, they say
I try, I try so hard,
to decipher what they are not telling me.
But the words you see,
have a mind of their own,
And when I am staring too long,
to see the in-between,
they start to grow in size,
leaving no gaps for me to see.

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